Get your products developed

ICRealisations offers flexible support to its customers to successfully develop and integrate Integrated Circuits into their products. ICRealisations collaborates as part of a team, covering missing competencies during the product development or during manufacturing of these products.

Our people are able to take the responsibility for one or more development phases required to get a new product created and launched. Early involvement of our team is highly recommended. It will increase the quality of the products and it will improve the effectiveness of the development journey.

Leave competition behind

While you’ve done everything within your own competency, there’s still a lot of potential that lays in merging your domain with technologies out of other domains. ICRealisations helps you to add high-tech electronics for sensing, actuation, calculating, saving energy, etc… . We provide that extra to make your product unique and innovative allowing you to differ with your competitors.

Make your products intelligent

The beauty of electronics is that a lot of functions can be integrated into a very small volume. Adding processing power, memory, sensing and actuation capabilities allows electronics to add a lot of intelligence to your products. ICRealisations can guide you looking over your own borders and will support to embed the necessary intelligence.

Realise your innovative ideas.

We support feasibility studies and concept designs on an effective way. We help defining the right system and with our broad experience, we select the right components and methods to assure innovation.

What we can do for you ?

Our mission is to support companies to successfully implement their semiconductor projects. ICRealisations removes any obstacle in product development and its supply chain. The intensity and nature of our support depends on the needs and is configurable. Feel free to contact us without any obligation.