Service Overview


Building electronics on chip level for your products requires many different and highly skilled disciplines. It isn't enough anymore to simply design the circuit, but it requires interaction with test, process, quality, qualification, supplier and customer. Gradually, more and more focus and time is spent on design-for-X, in order to reduce the backend effort and fire fighting after design.

Two of the three founders of ICRealisations have started their career as mixed mode IC designers. Other team members are specialized in testing, characterization and quality. The experience of the team covers the automotive, medical, consumer and industrial market.

ICRealisations is offering these long term learning experience to companies that need to move ahead in similar direction.

ICRealisations will have the highest added value for non-standard products (speciality analog, sensors, MEMS,..). ICRealisation will make a diffence there where no- or limited- standardization exists, and where experience is of crucial importance


System Engineering

  • System Engineering
  • Requirement analyses and break down 
  • Facilitation requirement definition
  • Concept Design 

Package Development

  • Package development 
  • Assembly house selection and integration


Product Tooling

  • Demonstrators & Evaluation tools 
  • EOL Programming


 IC Devolpment

  • Wafer fab expertise 
  • Technology selection 
  • Design houses selection 
  • MEMS definition

 Product Validation

  • Qualification
  • Characterization 
  • Validation plans 
  • Validation tooling

 Manufacturing Support

  • Manufacturing flow definition
  • Supplier Selection
  • Test house selection and test integration
  • Process Analysis

Development Quality Support

  • high demanding standard

Product Quality

  • comply with high demanding standards


Product Quality

  • Failure Analysis